Two-tailed tests, one-tailed tests

Posted on June 8, 2012


No one is making requests, but there have been searches on this site about tests with different numbers of tails. So here, without ado, is how you specify whether a Fathom test should be one or two-tailed, and if one-tailed, which one:

First, check out this post about Fathom’s test objects in general. The key to specifying the tailed-ness of a Fathom test is in the relevant blue text.

When you read the text, find the phrase that’s about whether it’s one or two tailed and click on it. It’s a menu! Choose the appropriate phrase from the menu and you’re done! The Aunt Belinda test is shown.

If you un-check Verbose (in the Test menu), it looks like this:

With “Verbose” un-checked

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