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Using summary tables in simulations

August 17, 2012


In the apstat community thingy, Rudy Medina posted a problem, and Paul Myers posted a solution. I’ll show another solution, and maybe veer off into philosophy. Here’s the problem (from 16 August 2012): A bus stop has 7 stops and 4 passengers.  If every passenger is equally likely to get off at any stop, what is […]

Streak Lengths

August 14, 2012


We humans see streaks as indications of non-randomness, but streaks do occur in genuine random phenomena—usually more than we think. There are famous activities about this, like the one where you ask students to (secretly) create “realistic” sequences of 100 heads-or-tails coin flips along with genuine sequences from a fair coin. The wise, omniscient teacher […]