Fathom 2.x Status

Latest: 1 November 2015

Current version is 2.4.

Fathom is back, via Concord Consortium! Go here to download.

Three options available:

  • 2-week Trial – Free
  • 1-Year License – no more than $5.25 per computer, decreases with more computers
  • Non-Expiring License – maximum $39

Newly working in version 2.4:

  • Census microdata downloads.

What Didn’t Work as of 1 November 2015 (but Bill may eventually fix this…)

  • Fathom Surveys—No one is maintaining the Fathom Surveys server, so you will not be able to create surveys. My recommendation: Use Google Forms. You will have to copy and paste, but it works fine.

What’s next with Fathom?

It became impractical and too expensive to create and maintain installable applications for Windows and OS X in all their forms. School IT people had to do these installs and it was harder for teachers to ensure that students really had access. And then, when there were upgrades, everybody had to do it over again.

So why not make a web-based data analysis system? That way you only need a browser, students can use it at home, and the updates happen automatically.

So Bill Finzer invented the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP). It’s the successor to Fathom and TinkerPlots.

As of this writing (late 2015), CODAP is pretty powerful but does not have the features that AP stats requires.

You can check it out here: http://concord.org/projects/codap.

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  1. Brug evt
    pund sterling kurs hvis du ikke kan omregne i hovedet eller ikke kender kursen 🙂

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