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Two-tailed tests, one-tailed tests

June 8, 2012


No one is making requests, but there have been searches on this site about tests with different numbers of tails. So here, without ado, is how you specify whether a Fathom test should be one or two-tailed, and if one-tailed, which one: First, check out this post about Fathom’s test objects in general. The key […]

How to Do a t-Test in Fathom

May 3, 2012


How do you do a regular old t-test, no randomization? It’s easy, but different from how you do it in other programs. 1. Make a “test” object. Look at the shelf (a.k.a. toolbar), find the “test”, and drag one into your document. 2. Choose the kind of test you want from the menu. Here, we’re […]

What If You Just Have Summary Statistics?

May 2, 2012


This came from an AP-Stat listserv discussion April 2012: Hello Tim, Corey, Dennis – I also use Fathom and appreciate its power and flexibility in the educational setting. However, a serious limitation for me is Fathom’s inability of handling categorical data from summarized values as those from data tables in many AP textbook exercises. Question: […]