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Sampling Without Replacement: Lottery Problem

June 14, 2012


Yay! A request! From Ben Ceyanes on the APstat listserve: Ok, So I am brand new to fathom and to AP Stats this year and I am getting frustrated trying to figure out how to simulate a problem on fathom.  The problem says that a person buys 5 lottery tickets with 6 numbers ranging 1 to […]

The Key to the Birthday Problem: uniqueValues( )

May 30, 2012


It’s a famous probability problem: given N people in a room, what’s the probability that at least two of them share a birthday? It’s famous because the answer is often surprising: a remarkably small number (23) will give you a probability over 50%. How do you simulate it in Fathom? The key is going to be […]

Random Walk

May 26, 2012


The random walk is a thought experiment (we hope) that underpins a lot of formal statistics and error analysis. The idea is that for every step, you flip a coin. Heads, you move forwards; tails, you move back. You take a total of n steps. How far are you likely to travel? If you’re experienced […]

Exponential Decay Simulation

May 9, 2012


This comes from a Fathom listserv query by David Petro: 1. Flip 1000 coins 2. Remove the heads and count up the tails 3. Flip the remaining tails again 4. Repeat 2 & 3 until no coins remain 5. Graph the number of tails after each experiment. This is what I have tried I Have […]

Make Your Own Binomial Machine

May 2, 2012


Here’s how to make a Fathom simulation that will let you change the parameters of a binomial distribution quickly. Note that this may not be best for instruction. In a new document, make two new sliders, N and p. Make a table and give it 1000 cases. Make one attribute (call it successes or anything you […]